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Reflection of us? (part IX)

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My body was responding to your impulses and let drag on by enchantment of the fire that consumed me. Your hands would secretly Tattoo my skin with the robustness of your desire, in your mouth taste me, tasted the sweet taste of my hunger and I felt greedy little thing for my own pleasure.
Your hands far into my scalp while your mouth corroía the weakness of my flesh... increasingly vehement... increasingly raving's neighbor.
I chased him 15 blocks from me and gave me so absurdly to your endeavors to spread on your lips the epilogue of my freedom.

I pulled you to me, for that matter to my kisses the delinquency of my Act... were bathed me, my smell... my taste... in her eyes had a body insaciado impatience and madman. You wanted more of me. .. and I wanted it all.
And that is the ambition to fill the most secret desires that whisper in your ear "I want you inside me"... "I want to feel you"... "I want to be your"...
Engage me in your body and in front of that mirror that reads the libido get in me... possess my fickle female body and make me feel the glow of your manhood.
I feel your hands holding me your hips, your mouth immersed in my neck and behind my back the beating your chest... your breathing warms me and mark the speed of your moves... well now more rhythmical soft (I love it when you stop just to look at me and disappear from our thoughts cast).
I like it when you take a leadership position and grab me by the hair... willing to sacrifice me to your daydreams...Like when you think you have mastered...
I feel you both... it looks like youre about to hatch but I can't allow that... because I want you more and more!
Let you and I sit in the Chair, with a look at insulting make you kneel... want to again feel your mouth on me... your tongue sliding over my chest... the womb enraptured by the your ideality.
I don't need to talk, because you can understand what my body asks you... your hands begin to understand the plot of my skin and simply desfias me the directions.

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