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Easy-Anny Finds her Soul Mate

Some men don't have a clue
He was such a fool, I remember the day he got down on his knee to propose his undying love as he asked for my hand in marriage. All I could think about was that I hoped he couldn't see Johnny's cum oozing out of my panties and down my thighs. The thing was, I knew I was pregnant with no idea who the father was, other than it wasn't his. Besides his father owned the towing company he worked for and someday it would be his, so I said yes.

The first time he caught me sleeping with another man he cried like a baby as he begged me not to leave him. I told him not to worry that it was just a fling and he seemed to be relieved at this. That night in bed he snuggled up next to me his erection pressing into my thigh,

"Baby tell me what it was like to be with him, I want to hear."

"Oh honey you don't want me to do that."

"I do, I want to know all the details."

I could tell he was excited by his heavy breathing and the fact that his hard-on was leaking all over my leg.

"But what if I had to tell you that he was bigger than you?"

"Yes, yes, I want to know, was he a better lover, did he make you cum?"

That was the night that everything changed, I went from a wife who cheated on her husband to a wife who cuckolded her husband. The more I did to humiliate him the more aroused he became, even going so far as to make him lick my cunt when  it was filled with another man's cum. I have to admit that it turns me on as well, when I think about leaving him home to clean the house as he babysits the kid that isn't even his, (of course, I never told him this) it makes my panties wet.

I guess it must be true that every woman has a soul mate, for Roger is the perfect husband for me. I never thought it possible that a girl every one called Easy-Anny could ever be happily married and yet here I am. The thing now is that hubby has been begging me to let him watch me with another man but I'm not so sure It's such a good idea. He really wants this and said he'd do anything I asked, if I'd let him watch, I'm thinking that maybe I'll make him wear a cage.
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