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Watching from the Window

But honey it's not my fault, he forced me

I watched through the window as she wiggled her sex in front of him like a bitch in heat. She had to be sopping wet because he plunged his huge cock in to her with no trouble at all. She kept yelling harder, harder, do me like a real man as he used both her holes for his pleasure. To double my humiliation I heard her scream out that she was cumming, something she never did when we made love, as he emptied his seed into her rectum. Afraid to confront this muscular stranger I waited for him to leave before entering our bedroom. The place reeked of sex and my wife lay on the floor with legs splayed and his cum oozing from her onto our new carpet. More aroused than angry I accepted her lies about her new partner, and as I got down next to her to cuddle her and give her comfort I couldn't help but notice the smirk on her face as she cooed, 

"Oh sweetie I hurt so much down there, I really need your soothing tongue to help heal me."

And to clean up all his nasty spew I thought as I began to lap at her sex.
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